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  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • HeadquartersNigeria
Afrique Sub-Sahara Strategies LTD (AQS) is a U.S. based, black-owned development consulting firm that delivers high impact interventions designed to favorably transform clienteles project or’ businesses. They assist U.S. government and agencies, multi-national corporations, small and medium sized companies, NGOs and public organizations to achieve exemplary efficiencies in Sub-Saharan Africa (“SSA”) through reliable multi-channel connections, well- calibrated strategic deliverables and customized solutions. They are affiliated with Igbanugo Partners Int’l Law Firm, PLLC, which focuses on two practice areas: U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law and International Trade Law in Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is now “in play,” and no region of the world offers more untapped resources and opportunities for U.S. businesses than SSA. Africa’s growing importance is also reflected in the massive efforts by the U.S., EU, China, Russia, India, some Middle Eastern nations and other countries to gain access to the vast mineral resources with which she is abundantly endowed. In SSA, they concentrate in: rule of laws, anti-corruption, justice sector reform, democracy and governance, due diligence,  human rights, economic developments and africa government relations. They are a formidable proponent for their clients in this region because they are able to deploy personnel who are either nationals of or specialists in the countries about which they consult. They practice the highest standards of ethical behavior in all their lines of endeavor. They maintain a wide network of affiliations with organizations and individuals at both local and national levels throughout SSA, which fosters their ability to provide their services with the utmost cultural fluency and sensitivity. With nearly 1 billion inhabitants who have urgent needs for education, environmental protection, clean water, clothing, financial services, modernized agriculture, demand for maximum food production and food security, improved healthcare services, critical energy sufficiency, low cost housing, state of the art telecommunications, effective transportation, demand for tourism development, permanent end to tribal conflicts and stable governments, SSA has in recent times been dubbed the new land of opportunities. Bolstered by stable support in Washington D.C.,  the European community (E.U) and China as well as the current wave of economic and mostly democratic political transformation sweeping across SSA, bilateral trade between the U.S. and SSA has increased exponentially. They collaborate with other consulting firms to offer clients the depth, dimension and experience they need to innovate and grow in SSA. They see a future full of opportunity and work fervently with their clients to develop executable strategies that help them unlock value in unexpected places. They have successfully created a niche in connecting U.S. businesses with high profile executives, government officials and individuals across SSA governments, businesses and industries in this unique region where who you know always matters more than what you know. In a rapidly changing world, they realize that a commitment to strong partnering relationships remains a crucial element of conducting business. It is this spark that helps them burn brighter than their competition. Finally, their cultural competency is a powerful tool that enables them to accomplish effective customized solutions, sustainable improvements and measurable interventions for their clients.

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