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AGEDI ONLUS - Associazione Genitori di Bambini Ed Adulti Disabili


  • Organization TypeAssociation
  • Founded1986
A.GE.DI. was constituted on September 18th, 1986 in Reggio Calabria, upon the initiative of ten couples, parents of severely handicapped children. Besides Ordinary Members, the disabled and/or their relatives, who have the right to take part, in accordance with democratic rules, to the Association management, A.GE.DI. has Friend Members, who offer humanitarian, professional and financial support. In order to achieve the Association's objectives, A.GE.DI has one hundred and fifty people, both collaborators and volunteers, selected by a special board in accordance with the criteria of engagement and devotion. They specialise through formative training and updates and they are willing to sustain the Association's values. A.GE.DI is a non profit organisation of social utility and acts in the following fields: - Self-Help for Members and, more generally, for the families dealing with issues related to the disabled; - Protection of the disabled and their families' rights, using promotions and awareness initiatives; - Voluntary Service, not only for Members but also by organising free services and initiatives.  It uses the Comitato Tecnico Consultivo (Technical Board?), an institutional organisation of professionals in the disciplines related to the disabled, for planning and realisation of its initiatives. Nowadays, A.GE.DI. represents a reference point for people, private organisations and public institutions.  Coherence in social choices and managerial transparency and clarity have been valued and monitored with the general meetings expected by the Statute. A pragmatic attitude has characterised the social activities and brought about the creation of services whose quality has been recognised on several occasions and at various levels.  

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Company Offices
  • (headquarters)
  • A.GE.DI. onlus Via Don Minzoni, 10 89123 Reggio