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Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale Puglia (ARPA Sicilia)

The Regional Environment Protection Agency is established by art. 90 of the Regional Law 6/2001 (modified and integrated by the art 94 of the LR n. 4/2003  and by the art. 35 of the LR n. 9/2004 ). Equipped with public legal personality, technical, managerial and administrative autonomy, it is placed under the supervision of the Regional Department of the Territory and the Environment of the Sicilian Region from which the program addresses are issued. Arpa Sicilia carries out activities related to the exercise of public functions for the protection of the environment integrated according to the new law 132/2016: monitoring, control and environmental protection aimed at promoting cultural behavior oriented towards sustainable development; technical, analytical and control assessment, processing, evaluation, documentation related to the functions of prevention and environmental protection, as well as the provision of support services to the Region, local health units and hospital companies; consultancy, investigation and technical-scientific assistance for private bodies and institutions; organization and management of the company information system for the validation of the data collected and feeding of the regional information system for the environment; promotion of basic and applied research initiatives; activation of environmental management and accounting systems; drafting of the Regional Yearbook of Environmental Data collected by the Agency; support to the Region for the preparation of the report on the state of the environment; promotion and implementation of environmental education, communication, training, professional updating in environmental matters; protection, control and monitoring of marine, river, lake and natural environment ecosystems; cooperation with entities and institutions operating in the sector of collective prevention and environmental protection. ARPA Sicilia operates, for the knowledge and for the control and protection of the environment, in continuous comparison with the territorial context, in connection with the system of Regional and Provincial Agencies for the Protection of the Environment, with attention to emerging issues, to support from institutions and bodies.  
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