• Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded2002

Aguas de la Sabana (ADESA)

RESPONSIBILITY Veolia wants to actively participate in building a society committed to sustainable development. As the leading player in the field of environmental services, the group assumes daily responsibility for the general interest and especially for: of a harmonious development of the territories; the improvement of the living conditions of that population to whom its activities are directed and its essential activity, that is, the conservation of the environment; as well as, behind closed doors, in favor of the promotion of labor competencies, the improvement of the safety conditions of people (prevention of occupational accidents), health at work, as well as in favor of the safety of each and every one of the employees and facilities that the group manages.   RESPECT This value guides the behavior of each and every one of the people who make up the group and is reflected in the respect for legality, the group's internal regulations and respect for others.   INNOVATION Veolia has made research and innovation the key to its strategy, to develop sustainable solutions at the service of its customers, the environment and society. Its action is based primarily on its "Charter for Sustainable Development" and addresses a dynamic of constant progress in all major projects it undertakes.  
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