Akim of Zhambyl Region

The Zhambyl region borders on the southern coast of the Republic of Kazakhstan (founded in 1939) and the Chu and Talas rivers, in the west, the Karatau mountain range, in the south - the Kyrghyz ridge, in the east - Shu-Ili mountains. The northern part of the region continues along the Betpak dala desert. From the west to the east of the region up to 500 km, from the south to the north up to 400 km, the area is 144.3 thousand sq.km. This is 5.3% of the territory of the republic. Moiynkum, Chu, Korday districts of the region with the Almaty region, Moiynkum, Sarysu districts of Karaganda region, Zhualy, Talas and Sarysu areas borders the South Kazakhstan region. Chu region of the Kyrgyz Republic borders with Chui, Korday, Merke and T.Ryskulov districts of Zhambyl region, Talas oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic and Zhambyl and Talas regions of Zhambyl region. Zhambyl region is a unique source of phosphorite and fluorocarbon raw materials. The region is rich in nonferrous metals, barite, coal, facade, finishing and technical stones, construction materials. 
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