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Amarc DHS S.r.l.

AMARC is the natural evolution of a long experience in heating and temperature control in industrial processes. Founded in 1998 with the aim to enhance, complement and involve these experiences in scientific and technological principles. At that time the most important collaborations with leading Italian and foreign companies were born. In particular, the company is distinguished in the following specific skills: Technology of low and high temperature electric heating systems including monitoring and control thyristor (SCR - Silicon-Controlled Rectifier). Technology of direct and indirect heating. Technology of heating and combustion chambers of methane gas, direct and indirect. Technology of temperature steam transfer, hot oil, hot and superheated water. Technology of the furnaces, heat treatment and drying systems. Technology of measurement, regulation, automation, security and local or remote monitoring of those processes. Optimization of safety equipment in pressure, liquid or gaseous fuel and electricity in hazardous areas: ISPESL, CE, CE/PED, ASME, U-STAMPED, FM-AGLOBAL, BRITISCH STANDARDS, ISO/DIN, IEC/CEI, CE/aATEX, etc. They have developed research projects that led to the construction of machines and plants and in some cases we got international patents. In the past the company has been asked to develop a product little used so far in Italy in the district heating field, it was intended to measure and control the thermal energy contained in a primary fluid and transfer into a secondary fluid. That is how the first heat exchange substations (SST) were born. Today Amarc DHS produces more than 300 models of substations for district heating from 10 to 6,000 kW, and for cooling from 50 to 2,500 kW, including accessories with one of the most complete range in Europe. Over 20 years of experience converge in a management and control system, able to integrate needs and functions of the network, substations into a single software that can make a difference in district heating systems in terms of profitability.
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