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  • Founded1963
Amatori is a company born in 1963 and has always been busy with the supply of trucks and related maintenances. In the 1990s he specializes in the production of hydraulic oil-fired fire-fighting equipment of which he is a leader in the national territory. Recently, taking into account the acquired skills, it has embarked on a growing path to be closer to its customers who carry out 360 degree civil protection activities.  The company transformation has therefore led Amatori from firefighter manufacturers to technology and services providers for the extraordinary civil protection world. An uncomplicated commitment that see it daily in the forefront of working with those who have the need of having to manage personal, automobile, materials and equipment and keep them always efficient and updated for any event. In order to implement this, Amatori has started the opening of subsidiaries located in the national territory, Turin, Bergamo and Teramo, they are only the first and the shortest will follow the others. Amatori also likes to point out that for a long time we have started a product information program such as engine pumps, generating sets, hydraulic equipment, satellite location devices, control cameras, maintenance management software, fire extinguishers and 4x4 vehicles, also demonstrations in the field. In essence, Amatori is at your disposal for the research, the testing and the development of equipment, training courses

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Amatori Triton 400 D 02/250 on VW Amarok

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