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The regional charitable public organization "Arkhangelsk Center for Social Technologies" Garant " was established in autumn 1996 to develop civil society institutions in the Arkhangelsk region.  Until March 1998, the Center "Garant"  worked on the basis of the Arkhangelsk branch of the Youth Union of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, and on March 4, 1998 an independent public organization - Arkhangelsk Center for Support of Non-profit Organizations "Garant" was registered. From 1996 to 1998 the team of the Center created a database on non-profit organizations in the Arkhangelsk region, a newspaper appeared for the NGO Severnaya Correspondence, first meetings took place at the Club of Leaders of Non-Profit Organizations, and a resource center was launched. Since the spring of 2001, the Center has developed a new line of work related to the activation of local sources of financing for social organizations and the Board of Trustees was established, which brought together philanthropists of Arkhangelsk to finance social projects of non-profit organizations in Archangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region.  The organization expanded, the scope of its activities and format of work grew. In this regard, it was required to change both the name and mission of the organization. In 2005, the Center became known as the   Regional Charitable Public Organization "Arkhangelsk Center for Social Technologies" Garant " .

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