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Asia House Foundation (Asien Haus)


  • Organization TypeFoundation
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  • Founded1992
The Asia House Foundation supports the realization of human rights, the strengthening of social and political participation, as well as social justice and the protection of the environment. It demands from politics and business the realization of social, ecological and human rights standards. The organization was founded in 1992 under the name "Asienstiftung". Its founder, Prof. dr. Günter Freudenberg and several clubs working in Asia joined together in 1995 in Essen to the Asia House. In October 2012, the Asia House moved its headquarters to Cologne. goals and tasks Today we are witnessing a globalization that aggravates the antagonism between rich and poor and threatens the livelihoods of people in many ways. The unjust structures of today's world order can only be changed if we work together with civil society organizations from Asia and Europe to rethink politics, the economy and consumer habits - in Europe, in Asia and worldwide. The  Asia House Foundation is committed to particularly disadvantaged social groups. To strengthen civil society positions, the  Asia House Foundation is committed to establishing and expanding networks in Germany and Europe and is helping to build bridges between civil society in Asia and Europe. In the focus of the work the developments in the countries of Asia and the situation of their people. the critical monitoring of the relations between the EU and Germany with the countries in Asia.  In cooperation with partners from Europe and Asia  they create analyzes and initiate discussions and exchange of experiences, they conduct education through seminars, publications, film events, and exhibitions, they carry out exchange programs with non-governmental organizations from Asian countries, they support actions to mobilize people and lobby activities.  The topics, work approaches and forms of organization with which we pursue these goals and activities are varied and diverse. They always keep an eye on our common goal of a just world in their work.

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