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Asinitas Onlus

Asinitas stems from the belief that today in our cities there is a great need to create contexts shared with people from other countries. Even before we had a physical space, we imagined the Italian language as the language of a host country, the territory to be conquered and shared. So since 2005 we have begun to experiment the teaching of Italian in different places of the city, opening schools and classes that were gradually being defined thanks to a continuous cross-reference between theory and practice, between research and action . The association promotes, through the creation of educational contexts for all, the existence of plural voices capable of making us understand the contours and the roots of the condition of migration , of exile and, more generally, of formal and substantial marginalization . The fundamental point of our methodology is that the training contexts should be constructed together with the people who participate in the activities. The approach is centered on the expressive desire and the possibilities of strengthening and individual and collective development, favoring the encounter of the person " in his body and in his history ". The methodology used is inspired and revisits the teachings of the masters of tradition such as Montessori and Freinet and feeds on the comparison with the modern frontier pedagogical experiences, in a continuous research and synthesis. Today Asinitas is and is involved in education and social intervention with the aim of promoting activities aimed at careeducation-traininghospitality and the testimony of minor and adult, Italian and foreign people. The activities put in place are aimed in particular at asylum seekers, migrants, foreign women with children and Italians, through two intercultural centers in the city of Rome in which they organize: experimental courses of Italian L2 ,  expressive manual laboratories, a listening space  for Italian and foreign women and families, theater workshops,   socio-medical and legal, educational and professional  orientation courses, training courses for teachers, operators and educators.
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