• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded1998

Asociacion para una Sociedad mas Justa (ASJ)

The Association for a Fairer Society is a Honduran civil society organization created in 1998 with the mission of working for a society where justice prevails, focusing on making the government system work and fair, especially for the most vulnerable. In February 1998 a group of Christians formed in Honduras the Association for a Fairer Society (ASJ). He was born because of the commitment that has grown through the years working for true development and justice in Honduras. They have witnessed that the efforts made so far by NGOs and the government at the community level to try to advance and set aside the underdevelopment in which we find ourselves are not enough. Partly because community efforts often become insufficient because they are affected by unscrupulous policies, legislation, companies or people, which promote the interests of a few, affecting the great majority. Until now, private aid and development organizations (including government investment and social assistance institutions) have focused their work on solving specific and immediate problems (giving food, medicine, etc.) and trying to train communities to self-support (teaching of trades, improvement of agriculture, etc.). However, more action has been lacking at the macro level, that is, in trying to change and create laws, policies and structures that facilitate the integral and sustained improvement of the standard of living of the poorest population. As Christians, we believe that to remain passive in the face of the need of others would be to deny faith (James 2:17). We believe that the believer must be a voice that cries out in the desert of oppression. It is a prophetic voice that comes to society with the divine claim (James 5: 1-6). His involvement in the solution of social problems shows that he recognizes man as a being with past, present and future; a past that God can forgive, a present that Christians can help improve, and an eternal future that the Lord already has assured. This also shows the Christian by visualizing the complete divine action in the life of humanity; For the same Lord who said "Man will not only live on bread," he also ordered "give them food" and "multiplied the loaves and fishes." To seek social justice is to act for God, because “as soon as you did it to one of these younger brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40); It is also to obey the prophetic order to “keep the right and do justice” (Isaiah 56: 1) and turn into reality the messianic promise that says: “He will bring justice to the nations” (Isaiah 42: 1).
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