• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersAlgeria

Association Club Scientifique de la Faculte des Sciences Medicales (Scientific Club of the Faculty of Medical Sciences - CSFSM)

The Scientific Club of the Faculty of Medical Sciences CSFSM is an apolitical and non-profit organization. It is active in the scientific, cultural, sports and humanitarian fields. It is an NGO made up mainly of young, dynamic, honest people with a capital of experience that is not in doubt. Its creation, its activity and its development meet the needs expressed by society. The CSFSM, like other similar organizations, is today a social, scientific and cultural requirement. The mutations engendered by the outbreak of the associative movement in the social field have brought a new dynamic to social life. It requires greater support from public authorities, major NGOs and international institutions for the sustainability of this action. The assessment carried out by the Scientific Club of the Faculty of Medical Sciences in five years of existence is edifying. Weekly meetings are held regularly, allowing members to get to know each other better, help each other, exchange ideas, propose projects and even study. the means and ways to achieve them. The Scientific Club has remained open to any natural or legal person whose concerns meet theirs to provide moral support or sympathy, the club will be solid by your presence and rich in your diversity, they rely on every person who wishes to be with them. Objectives Indeed, the creation of this Association is not random, it arises from a very deep diagnosis. With all of this, they felt the great need to combine their efforts in order for young people to take charge and try to find solutions to the many problems in the field of education, of health and development. Organizing scientific, cultural and sports events in appropriate forms for young people.  Develop relationships with national and international associations pursuing the same goals.  The harmonious development of people (to meet the love, the peace, the solidarity, the autonomy, the responsibility, the care by oneself etc.), sustainable development, culture and respect for human rights, universal values, individual and collective freedoms of conscience  Culture: with universal values: fraternity, solidarity, tolerance, human rights, citizenship.
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