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Association for Social and Medico-Social Cooperation (ACSMS)

The ACSMS aims to carry out social and medico-social actions with fragile audiences, by registering in particular in the cooperation channels of the various health and social stakeholders in New Caledonia, and possibly the joint management of activities. These cooperative actions can be carried out in association with other public establishments, private for-profit and non-profit establishments, public or private legal persons managing establishments or social or medico-social or health services, as well as professionals from the said sectors. To date, ACSMS manages: of the Home for disabled adults "La Séviane" in Mont Dore of the Support Service for Social Life (SAVS) "The key to the fields" in Mont Dore from the Refuge de nuit in Nouville, as part of the CHRS scheme of the “SOS listening” telephone call platform of the guardianship management service of CHS Albert BOUSQUET from the Specialized Reception Center “handicaps with great dependence” the Paradou of 14 places (10 accommodation + 4 day reception) which opened in September 2018 within the CHS site
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