• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersCosta Rica
  • Founded1987

ATAI de Tibas Ltda

Mission They specialize in the distribution of instruments and tools for Art, Topography, Architecture and Engineering; through a philosophy based on commitment and willingness to work, good customer service, initiative, order, respect and responsibility. Vision To be recognized as the only company at national level in the distribution of specialty articles in the areas of Art, Topography, Architecture and Engineering. History Start of the company ATAI de Tibás is founded in 1987 by Mr. Hernán Piedra Arroyo. Who, after being hospitalized for 9 months with his body immobilized as a result of a traffic accident, started the company in conditions that demanded great effort and will. His charisma and work discipline were two of the qualities that helped Don Hernán to start the business, during a start full of difficult moments and challenges to overcome. After his traffic accident, don Hernán leaves the hospital on crutches, without work and with a permanent leg injury. Thanks to his experience in the sale of specialty articles for art, architecture, engineering and heliographic plans; decides to start a company that focuses on supplying this kind of products and services. Don Hernán manages to get a partner to start the company, who had experience in repairing instruments for surveying. This person helped at that time as backup and guarantee, which allowed to extend the company to another market: "sale and repair of topographic equipment". What does ATAI mean? Thus, with the knowledge of Mr. Hernán in technical products and copies of plans, added to the experience in the repair of topographic instruments of his partner, in 1987 ATAI was founded, whose name is derived from the acronyms of its specialty areas (Art, Topography, Architecture and Engineering). In addition to its specialty lines, ATAI distributes office supplies, accessories, computer equipment and school supplies; in addition services of copying and scanning of plans, extensions, reductions, fillings, emplasticados, manufacture of stamps, among others. Work philosophy With a philosophy based on will to work, initiative, variety, order, respect, good customer service and responsibility, ATAI has become a unique company in the marketing of specialty items nationwide. Currently, it remains a strong support for professionals, students and companies, providing its clients with the specialized technical tools necessary to do their job. The company becomes a provider not only of individual clients, but also of a wide variety of companies that go from schools, technical colleges and universities; to hotels, architecture offices and number of state institutions in the country.  Current situation To date ATAI remains a family business, now more formal and organized; with a fervent desire to continue the legacy of service, but with a new leadership, eager to reach new horizons to achieve growth and stability. They are so proud of serving our clients, giving them easy access to the tools they need so much for their work and study. At the same time, they are pleased to provide work and safety to their staff. They believe in the value of helping, protecting each other and working as a team towards a good future. Business values Commitment and will to work Since its inception ATAI has valued the principle that work is a source of energy, health and success; as long as it is accompanied by commitment and goodwill. While work by itself implies dedication and sacrifice, commitment and goodwill improve performance exponentially, increasing the energy and satisfaction of people. To the extent that a person presents dedication and good will towards work, this will increase the energy of the people, which leads to greater motivation, health and finally to success. This principle is fulfilled both on a personal and business level, since a company is made up of people, and its performance is directly affected by the commitment and willingness of the individuals that comprise it. The better an individual's attitude towards work, the better the results will be obtained from it, which ultimately results in better performance and motivation. Initiative The initiative consists in doing more than what is asked of rhem, in going beyond the minimum requirements. More than a business philosophy, the initiative is a value that should be present in all aspects of a person's life, as it increases the potential of the person and makes him see more clearly the possibilities around him. The work philosophy of ATAI is strongly supported in the initiative. It is a fundamental part that all employees have the initiative to go beyond their work. There are many ways in which a person can show initiative, such as helping their peers, contributing to improve operations or simply doing their job in an outstanding way. This value is deeply related to the first, since commitment and goodwill often motivate the initiative in a person and increase their desire to obtain the best possible result of their work, which will undoubtedly show the fruits of their effort. Outstanding customer service Customer satisfaction is very important for ATAI, and is vital for the survival and growth of the company. For this reason, it is expected that all our staff goes beyond a simple service, and give a truly outstanding attention to each client to win their trust and sympathy. Outstanding attention is characterized by kindness, speed, precision and good attitude. The ATAI existence or any other organization depends entirely on its customers, and its interest in acquiring the company's products; hence the importance of providing a warm and attentive service that motivates the client to return. Order Order is one of the most important values ​​and must be deeply involved both at a personal and work level. Undoubtedly, order is vital for success, and in the case of ATAI it has proven to be a real advantage over the years. To be effective, order must be present in all areas of the company, and must be practiced by all, so that it is a way to improve the efficiency of the entire organization. For example: the order of merchandise in the office and in warehouses, in the work area, in the execution of procedures, etc. When order is present, it provides a pleasant work environment for employees, and at the same time, a comfortable shopping environment for the customer. Variety Experience has indicated that customers like both the good quality of the articles, as well as a wide variety of them. For this reason, ATAI has always focused on ensuring that there is a wide range of merchandise available to the customer (in terms of brands, qualities and prices) so that it always has a wide range of options to choose from and thus obtain the article that best suits your particular needs. The purpose of this value is to be able to give the customer whatever he needs (even if he does not have it in inventory). They want their customers to always take something, and otherwise make the commitment to get it. Respect Respect is a key value within the organizational culture of ATAI, since it is vital to create a pleasant work environment and maintain a good relationship with colleagues. This respect implies being kind, attentive and helpful not only towards our boss, but also towards their co-workers and subordinates. Responsibility Just as the commitment and goodwill of our collaborators is required, the least that can be done is to return them the same. This philosophy is part of what ATAI considers a joint commitment, in which its collaborators are rewarded to the same extent in which they contribute to the organization.  This value is strongly related to all the previous ones. They wish to reward the efforts of their staff for committing themselves to the fulfillment of the company's philosophy, by providing a pleasant and responsible work environment.
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