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In 2010, the UN Women's Organization, UN Women , brought together all United Nations women's issues, including UNIFEM. The Austrian National Committee for UNIFEM, now the UN Women National Committee Austria , has been supporting the work of the United Nations Development Fund for Women since its founding in 1997 and, since 2010, the projects of UN Women. The aim of the National Committee is to do both public relations work for the empowerment of women and to emphasize the importance of a gender-specific view in development policy. In addition to actively participating in various women's projects worldwide, the Austrian National Committee is constantly striving to secure the financing of these projects through fundraising. The UN Women National Committee is a nonpartisan organization and is committed to UN Women in New York through the Recognition Agreement. UN Women has national committees in 14 countries worldwide that provide effective support through exemplary activities. Through their dedicated members, national committees help educate policymakers and the public on UN Women, while providing the motivation to donate to global programs. All members of the UN Women National Committee Austria work as volunteers and regularly organize lectures, evening events and conferences.  "In the future, as part of UN Women, we will do our utmost to improve the lives of women around the world, but especially in our immediate neighborhood," emphasizes Lilly Sucharipa, Vice President of the UN Women National Committee Austria.

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