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BacterioScan, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to changing the way infectious disease is diagnosed and treated. We are driven by a fundamental desire to ensure the successful use of antibiotics. Their innovative instrumentation platform is built on the rapid detection and antibiotic susceptibility testing of infectious pathogens. They produce reliable, precision instrumentation that rapidly detects and measures microorganism growth in liquid specimens, determines if it is resistant to a range of antibiotics and provides clinicians with patient-specific guidance on the fastest and most cost-effective antibiotic treatment. Their technologies help to improve the quality of antibiotic therapy, reduce excess or inappropriate use of antibiotics and deter antibiotic resistance. The real-time bacteria detection and antimicrobial resistance data they collect and aggregate through their network can be used to inform clinical decision-making and the medical community’s response to emerging threats related to infectious disease and antibiotic resistance worldwide.
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Company Offices

  • 2210 Welsch Industrial Court, St. Louis