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The story about modern education on the territory of Serbia started in the year 2005, when the Faculty of Information Technology was founded. The development was gradual but steady, and in time their role in the higher education in Serbia has grown stronger. In 2010 the newly founded Faculty of Management and Faculty of Digital Arts joined the Faculty of Information Technology, and the three faculties formed Metropolitan University. By closely following the trends of the modern labor market, they have recognized its needs and started to provide quality education to their students in various areas of information technology. It is little known that last year more than a billion people around the world studied online. The classrooms of the future follow them everywhere they go, as they are only a click away from “walking” into the classroom from anywhere they like. Metropolitan University is the first university to over studying through the eLearning system in Serbia. This mode of studying covers all four years of studies. The degrees which online students obtain are completely equal to the ones earned in the traditional studies, both in terms of earned qualifications and the quality of gained knowledge. Belgrade Metropolitan University has “International Cooperation Office” (ICO) established. It is divided in two departments: 1. Department for international projects and 2. Mobility department.   1. Department of international projects is in charge for all sorts of international cooperation. As a priority they are working on Erasmus + and other projects from organizational and administrative aspect. In order to ensure quality of the project organization from administrative and academic point of view, each project is led by one professor (expert from the field of project topic) and a project administrator – a staff of the International Cooperation Office. This has proved to be the best combination and the projects are implemented successfully.   2. Mobility departmentis in charge for all kinds of mobilities. Two roles are provided by this department: Mobility Coordinator and Academic Coordinator.

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