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  • Organization TypeFoundation
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • Founded2012
Big Change is a social impact accelerator that backs big ideas that help young people to thrive in life, not just exams. The founders of Big Change (Holly and Sam Branson, Princess Beatrice of York, Sam Richardson, Phil Nevin, and Isabella Branson) wanted to do more that just treat symptoms, they wanted to positively move things forward. To that end, we back solutions that demonstrate alternative ways of supporting young people, providing them with the skills, opportunities and support they need to thrive. Recognising that change doesn’t happen by doing more of the same, there are two key things that we do differently: 1) The projects we support – These projects equip young people with the tools and confidence to thrive in life so we prevent problems, rather than deal with them after the event (based on early intervention and positive psychology methods). 2) Our approach – We support big ideas at an early stage to help them prove their impact. This way, they can go on and become part of the way things are done (based on venture capital and tech incubator models).

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Company Offices
  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • London
  • The Battleship Building, 179 Harrow Road