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Bioponic Phytoceuticals offers the finest natural products for alternative medicine, alternative health, herbal healing, skin care, tonics, herbal remedies, flavors and fragrances. Their herbal healing products, flavors and fragrances are made from the finest natural and wild-crafted herbs, fruits and spices grown and distilled on Maui, Hawaii and formulated for optimum effectiveness. Inspired by the principals of energetic medicine these tonics and remedies utilize the principles of phytotherapeutic bioresonance to promote the healing process and maintain health and well being. Their company is engaged in the development, formulation and production of branded Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic™ and nutraceutical products for sale in the global Complementary Alternative Medicine ("CAM") and natural product markets. The Company’s production facilities are located in Maui, Hawaii where it operates plant hydrodistillation facilities, focusing on the production of natural products used to restore health and prevent disease. The Company’s Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic product lines include: Flight Spray®, Hawaiian Healing Mist®, O-Spray™, Traveler’s 1st Aid™, Curecurmin™, Morindasol™, Noni Care™, Ginzeng!®, and Auntie Mahi Poe Poe’s Original La’au Lapa’au Tonics™. The Company’s Nutraceutical division product lines include: Liquid Essence® and Liquid Sense™. In addition, the Company’s Phytonic Research Program develops market applications for its patented Airponic Growing System™ ("AGS") technology in the phytopharmaceutical, natural product and cosmetics industries. This program utilizes the Company’s proprietary process: "Whole-Plant Biotransformation"- a methodology for enhancing the production of specialty phytochemical compounds produced in plants grown in the AGS System. The AGS is also used as a vertically integrated technology for the enhancement and production of plants processed in its hydrodistillation facilities for use in its Bioresonant Phytotherapeutic and nutraceutical product lines.

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