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  • Founded2007

Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC)

The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC) is a non-profit school dedicated to providing high-quality education to students with autism. We believe all children are unique and individualized instruction is essential to their growth. Our overall mission is to develop the most individualized and meaningful programming to support the lives of our students and their families.  In 2006, our founders began the monumental process of establishing a school that would provide the education they believed their own son deserved. With their passion, compassion, and unrelenting energy, they built BAC into what it is today. In 2007, when we opened our doors, 1 in 110 children were being diagnosed with autism; today that number is 1 in 59 (1 in 42 boys). Since 2007, we have trained hundreds of teachers and volunteers who work within the autism community. We have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of families with our unique educational opportunities.  Our caring professionals focus on each student to enhance and foster his or her maximum potential. We feel strongly that teaching in school must be generalized to the home and community for our students to be successful, and we continually strive to provide a variety of experiences for our students. We foster an inspiring and caring learning environment in which students are nurtured by an incredibly talented educational team so they can grow as learners and citizens of the community at large.   
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