Building for the future SARL (B4F)


  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Advocacy NGO, Service Providers
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Building for the Future (B4F) is a real estate consultancy company who assists and advises clients in sustainable construction of new projects, renovation of buildings and quick-scan of existing portfolios. Well known for their BREEAM expertise, which now relates to more than 1,800,000 m² of projects in Belgium and Luxembourg, they offer also a more wide-ranging of services. They now offer guidance on energy and the environment, thermal comfort studies, dynamic thermal and natural lighting simulations, life cycle cost (LCC) and life cycle assessment (LCA) studies, EPB assignments and PHPP studies, and more. These studies can be carried out in parallel with the BREEAM certification of a project in order to obtain the necessary credits to achieve the target score. They can also be conducted in a non-certification context for any new construction/renovation project. They address environmental issues in their entirety to allow developers and designers to objectify environmental characteristics of their buildings and make the best choice cost / benefit (value for money). As a pioneer in environmental certification in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (they initiated the first BREEAM® in continental Europe and in Belgium), B4F is regularly invited as expert at seminars or interviews on environmental certifications. Located in Brussels and in Luxemburg, B4F assists its clients across Europe to design and build their Building for the Future.

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