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Burkina Faso Rural Electrification Agency (Agence Burkinabè de l’Electrification Rurale) (ABER)

History The Burkinabè Rural Electrification Agency (ABER) was created out of the transformation of the Electrification Development Fund (FDE), a transformation enshrined in law 014/2017 AN of April 20, 2017 on general energy regulation in Burkina Faso. This new status brings about significant changes. Indeed, the new provision contained in this law will make the FDE more operational through its transformation into the Burkinabè Agency for Rural Electrification. Thus, the ABER will be a major player in the foreground in the implementation of the rural electrification policy acting in quality as owner, project manager and manager of electrical systems . In addition, she will oversee the actors of rural electrification and will be delegated by the Energy Sector Regulatory Authority (ARSE) in the proximity control of rural electrification activities . As a reminder, the FDE was created by decree n ° 2003-089 / PM / MCE of February 19, 2003, operationalized in 2005 and erected as a State Public Establishment (EPA) on May 25, 2010. The creation of the FDE had followed the reforms in the energy sector from 1998, reforms having consecrated the opening of the field of energy activities to other actors and the creation of a structure dedicated to rural electrification . ABER is an organization that facilitates and finances rural electrification policy. It has the function of financing and executing agency. It is the Agency for the facilitation, financing and implementation of the rural electrification policy in Burkina Faso. It applies private accounting and has an auditor within it. The accounts are subject to an external audit (Statutory auditor) The ABER (ex-FDE) is placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Energy, and the financial supervision of that in charge of the Economy and Finances. The resources of the FDE are transferred to the ABER as well as the tangible and intangible heritage.
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