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The Costa Rica High Technology Advisory Committee Foundation (CAATEC) is a private, independent, impartial, non-profit, apolitical non-governmental organization. It works to promote the integration of developing countries into increasingly globalized, knowledge-based societies and economies, improving the quality of life of the people that live in these countries, and the international competitiveness of their productive activities.  CAATEC brings together a group of highly knowledgeable and respected representatives of the academic sector, civil society and the private sector (including representatives of multinational corporations operating in the Latin American region) in an advisory capacity. It also has a body of highly skilled and respected professionals serving as investigators, from which research teams can be quickly assembled with appropriate capacities for specific projects. The strategy of serving as an association of independent professionals, rather than an organization consisting primarily of salaried employees, allows us to create optimal teams for a wide variety of purposes. This type of operation lowers the amount of resources that need to be dedicated to typical overhead costs of more traditional organizations, including the maintenance of extensive infrastructure and professional-level staff who are not directly involved in a particular project.  Although CAATEC has carried out investigations intended to assist policy makers in a number of areas, these investigations share a common underlying conceptual framework and set of interests on the part of the members. CAATEC is deeply concerned with the process of economic integration of developing countries with the rest of the world, and in topics which are related to this process, such as the development of productive linkages between local and foreign businesses and the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI). CAATEC have carried out many studies in different countries to evaluate the existing circumstances to detect and evaluate possible barriers to such integration, both at national levels and in the cases of particular economic sectors, and to detect the existence of existing comparative advantages which these countries may possess which can facilitate this integration. CAATEC has assisted policy makers in areas such as the role of the creation of knowledge resources, science and technology policy development and implementation, and support for the development of innovation (especially in the micro-, small and medium-sized businesses which make up by far the greatest part of business sectors in developing countries). CAATEC also worked in strengthening of entrepreneurship, including the development of a number of training programs and participation in programs dedicated to small business incubators. They have likewise dedicated a great deal of attention to the problem of creation of greater amounts of well-educated and well-trained human resources for existing businesses, both domestic and multinational corporations with presences in the countries in the region. CAATEC includes among investigators and advisors a number of professionals with outstanding experience in innovation economics, experimental economics, international trade, technology transfer and knowledge, banking, microfinance, migration, remittances, economic growth, productivity analysis, job creation and firm performance. The body of CAATEC researchers also includes many experts in the area of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). CAATEC have worked in ICT-related areas not only at a purely technical level, but also in the areas of making the best possible use of these technologies to improve quality of life and economic competitiveness, and to develop policies to promote this more productive use. CAATEC has participated in a number of “e-readiness” evaluations at a national level in different countries, as well as national-level studies of the use of ICTs in businesses, and have also contributed actively in a number of areas that have assumed increasing importance as the focus of ICT-related development efforts pass from simply increasing the supply of ICTs to the problem of stimulating demand for the use of these technologies. CAATEC has participated in the development of national broadband plans, initiatives to improve the regulation of telecommunications sectors, and, importantly, in the development of plans for strengthening national ICT sectors in multiple countries inside and outside Latin America, to promote their abilities to better serve domestic markets and successfully export to foreign markets. Another area of great interest to CAATEC’s members is impact evaluation of public programs and policies, in the areas mentioned previously as well as in many in others in which knowledge of the methodologies and techniques used in this area can be of great use to policy makers. In all the work mentioned above, CAATEC has employed sophisticated statistical and econometric techniques to ensure the scientific soundness of policy analyses and recommendations. The CAATEC team has extensive experience in developing and carrying out surveys and data analysis, including construction of econometric models and projections of trends and tendencies.
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