Cabinet of Coordination of Social Policies (Dominican Republic)

History The Cabinet of Coordination of Social Policies (GCPS) is stipulated under decrees 28-01, 1082-04 and 1251-04, as an instance of articulation of the formulation, execution, monitoring and evaluation of the programs included in the Protection System Social of the Dominican Republic, based on three main axes: conditional transfer programs, human and social development programs and economic inclusion programs. The (GCPS), integrates the different institutions that contribute to the eradication of poverty and the creation of human capacities for social promotion (Siuben, Prosoli, Adess). The GCPS is made up of a Technical Directorate, an Administrative Directorate, a Civil Society Advisory Council and public institutions that are members and attached to the Cabinet. The Technical Directorate is constituted by the Professional Technical Support Team, which, under the supervision of the Cabinet Coordinator, offers specialized support in the field of social policies and develops the activities of monitoring, evaluation and guidelines of social policies promoting equity in the distribution of economic progress and articulating actions between the programs and projects executed by the attached entities. The Administrative-Financial Department (DAF) is the functional area of ​​the GCPS that aims to facilitate the management of public spending of the Social Protection Program, so it is responsible for managing the administrative and financial processes of the executing units that make up the institutions attached to the Social Protection Budget Program. It has been instituted and specific functions have been assigned through Resolution No. 02 of the Vice Presidency of the Republic, dated August 23, 2005, which regulates the functions of the Social Policy Coordination Cabinet and its instances of execution.
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