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Casa Transports SA

City in strong demographic growth and in constant activity, Casablanca lives at the frantic pace of big changes. It is in order to support the sustainable and united development of this first Moroccan metropolis, that the company Casa Transports en Site Aménagement SA was created in 2009. To meet this challenge, in partnership with public authorities and private operators, the city ​​of Casablanca has implemented a proactive strategy. It has chosen to favor efficient production tools that serve the general interest offered by Local Development Companies (SDL), of which 34% of the capital is held by local authorities. Casa Transports SA is an SDL counting among its shareholders the State (Ministries of the Interior and Finance), local communities (Region, Prefecture and Urban Commune of Casablanca) and large institutions (HASSAN II Fund, CDG, BCP and ONCF). The company was thus appointed contracting authority for the construction of the first line of Casablanca Tramway. Within the framework of the recommendations of the Urban Displacement Plan (PDU) of Casablanca, it has also been entrusted with a set of structuring and decisive projects for the benefit of the development of the city, the increase in its attractiveness and its competitiveness both both nationally and internationally. Following the success of the first T1 Tramway line project, the public authorities have decided to accelerate the implementation of all the recommendations of the PDU and, as a result, Casa Transport SA is today as the tool of city authorities to achieve this major objective for the development of the first metropolis of Morocco. In this context, mobility being an integral part of the new development plan of Grand Casablanca unveiled in September 2014, it was proceeded to the signing of a financing agreement for an amount of 16 billion dirhams, intended for the realization of the complement of the dedicated public transport network by 2015 - 2020. This agreement has three major aspects, namely: - The construction of several lines totaling 80 km of public transport on its own site in tram mode on iron or on tires. - The creation of 15 relay car parks serving the public transport network on its own site and thus offering a service encouraging intermodality between the private car and public transport. - Upgrading the transport system, whether through reorganizing traffic or upgrading public transport systems.   Casa Transport SA is also the contracting authority for the construction of major road infrastructure improvements aimed at smoothing traffic and simplifying access to the south of the metropolis, particularly to the financial city of Anfa. The following are programmed: - Updating studies on the urban travel plan in Casablanca, - The redevelopment and unevenness of the intersections of the southern entrance to Casablanca in front of the OCP, the Faculties and Al Quds, - The construction of hopper structures in Sidi Abderrahman and Route de Rabat boulevards  - The construction of a hopper structure at the Ghandi / Route des Facultés crossroads, - The construction of several parking lots in the city of Casablanca, - The creation of a central control station combined with a network of video surveillance cameras and a traffic control system.
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