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Caxton Youth Organisation (CYO)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
Caxton Youth Organisation is proud to be well regarded by its young people, families and funders alike, but it is also proud of itshistory. Even today members will say “my mum used to come here.” Caxton’s mission is to develop independent living, educational, health and social skills in order to promote inclusion, participation and effective citizenship. The organisation provides a comprehensive programme of activities: Communication: (including ICT skills, online safety and interpersonal skills) Opportunities: (including art and music projects, sports, and volunteering) Health and Personal Care: (including Relationships and Sexual Health, Personal Hygiene, Coping with Stress, Substance Misuse Awareness, and Yoga and Relaxation) Independence: (including managing money, staying safe, travel training and personal skills) The youth club aims to provide members with facilities for recreation and informal education in the interests of social welfare and with the object of developing their mental, physical and spiritual capacities that they may grow to their full potential, both as individuals and as responsible members of society, and that their conditions of life may be improved. They encourage collective initiatives with other community organisations, to enrich provision, and to ensure that the members are not marginalised and have access to opportunities, freedom and choice equal to their non-disabled peers, through additional grants where appropriate. The Caxton Youth Organisation also provides social and informal educational opportunities at Midge Island, Ripley, Surrey, a facility available for the exclusive use of members. The Caxton Youth Trust was set up in 1948, and was incorporated into the Caxton Youth in 2001. The Youth Club’s conception was in 1938, although its actual birth was put on hold until after World War Two. By 1948, two Westminster residents; a civil servant and a postman, had the organisation up and running. One of Caxton’s original Youth Workers Roy Hinton MBE described the Youth Club in the 1960s: “The club was for local disadvantaged young people and it was a place to meet, dance socialise and take part in something positive. Tens of thousands of people passed through our doors. The area was working class then, I have seen it grow and change its focus over the years.” Today they still operate out of the same premises in Pimlico. Around this time Caxton acquired a plot of land on the River Wey in Surrey. This became known as Midge Island, the organisation’s outdoor base, which it uses for residential, outdoor activities with small groups. In the 1980s Caxton’s focus changed, and it became the specialise service it is today, working with disabled young people who live in the City of Westminster.

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