CCA Group

CCA is made up of four different group of companies and businesses. 7 main shareholders, with over 20 trader/deal makers, a number of partners and in access of 300 staff. CCA Group Limited is based in the UK, Manchester it’s a group of trading companies involved in commodity trading globally with a strong African presence. Each trading company funded separately and manages as well as trades in different commodity sectors. CCA Private Industries Limited is based in the UK. It’s the CCA Group that holds a number of CCA’s joint venture companies, being involved in distribution, manufacturing and processing, as well as exporting agri commodities out of Africa. CCA Holdings Mauritius Limited based in Mauritius. It’s the second CCA company that holds a number of assets as well as CCA’s joint ventures, being involved in distribution, manufacturing and processing, as well as exporting agri commodities out of Africa. CCA Agri Development Limited, this is the holding group of the CCA Agri developments and farming projects such as farming macadamia, avocado, flowers, aquaculture etc. Most cases CCA owning plantations to feed its processing activities as well as bringing in partners and uplifting communities and farmers. CCA as group has budgeted to record revenues of over USD80m in 2020. The partners being a diverse group involved in food, agri, paper, industrial chemicals, processing, manufacturing, fishing, retail, distribution and exports. The group intends to cement itself and its partners in key areas of commodity trading. The group focuses on relationships and partnerships. Becoming a preferred key exporter out of Africa and key importer and distributor in Africa, leveraging off their trading. The deal is not done until the money is in the bank, risk comes from not knowing what you are doing, so CCA’s trading divisions envisage to work with people that have been recommended or come from performance and past trades. Vision of the Group CCA overall vision is to build effective and well managed presence in African countries, this being through the relationships and opportunities in market place on the ground in African countries, through key relationships. They see CCA having a profitable joint venture relationship and footprint in all key African countries being and not restricted to, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ivory Coast, DRC, Uganda, and Guinea Bissau. To achieve this vision CCA Industries has put in place a Joint Venture & Projects Manager, to oversee the relationships and management. Soon to build out a platform with two Regional Managers. They see the business growing into a USD100m business by end of financial year in 2021. To educate and build a legacy in Africa and partner the business managers, with marketing, finance, logistics and trade risk mitigation. Mission of the Group As they have had a footprint in Africa as shareholders for the last 21 years. CCA will have 3 parts to its industry. Food and FMCG business Industrial Chemicals Agri farming To be a successful and profitable group with building partnerships and presence across Africa. To build successful teams that trade and distribute their products and commodities to the mases in Africa. Exporting African products to Asia, USA, European markets.
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Company Offices

  • South Africa (headquarters)
  • Cape Town
  • Unit A11 & A12, Carpe Diem, 24 Quantum Street, Techno Park, Stellenbosch
  • United Kingdom
  • Manchester
  • 31 Sackville Street