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CCD is a design consultancy that puts the science of ergonomics and human factors at the heart of the complex buildings, workspaces and products it creates. The consultancy uses its knowledge of how people interact with their environment to design better, more effective spaces and products. They specialize in three areas: wayfinding & information design, workspace design specialising in control centre design and human factors consulting. Their team brings together a unique blend of disciplines with interior designers, graphic designers and industrial designers working alongside ergonomists and psychologists. They use a range of methods that engage with users, acting as a bridge between them and the design team, so that they understand their needs within the project and gain their participation and buy-in to the design solution. Their particular expertise lies in the design of complex buildings. These are buildings where their operation has critical implications and therefore there are higher demands on the design than would be found in other buildings: examples including control rooms, research facilities, hospitals, stadia, airports or railway stations. They are acknowledged as a global leader in control room design, having designed more than 350 in the last 40 years.

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