Cellule de Prevention et de la Gestion des Urgences (CPGU)

The CPGU is a permanent technical body attached to the Office of the Prime Minister of Madagascar whose activities aim to reduce the damage and loss of human life, social, economic or environmental goods due to different types of disasters. MISSIONS The main task of the Emergency Prevention and Management Unit is to assist the Prime Minister, Head of Government and the National Risk and Disaster Management Council (NCCRC) in carrying out their risk management tasks. and disasters. DESIGN Design, develop and update national strategies and policies for Disaster Risk Management.  Implement disaster prevention and risk reduction activities INFORMATION To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the actions undertaken in terms of preparation, prevention, response, recovery and reconstruction of public bodies acting in emergency situations. ADVICE Provide technical support to entities working in Risk and Disaster Management.  In its interface role, the UGPC is called upon to set up the National Platform for Disaster and Risk Reduction, bringing together national entities involved in the GRC with the aim of integrating the reduction of risks and disasters in sectoral policies. AREAS OF INTERVENTION The missions of the CPGU concern both natural disasters such as storms and tropical cyclones, flood, locust invasion, drought, epidemics, famines, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides , ... that man-made disasters such as fires, pollution or industrial accidents, epidemics, epizootics, fires and forest fires, events at sea, shipwrecks, oil spills, air accidents ...
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