• Organization TypeInstitute, Service Providers

Cellule Universitaire d'Expertise et de Conseil pour le Developpement Agricole (CUECDA)

They specialize in the creation and design of plantations such as: rubber, cocoa, oil palm and various vegetable crops that you could possibly entrust to them. As a result, the C.U.E.C.D.A is able to provide you with their expertise in the field of maintenance and treatment of plantations already acquired. They quickly design fertilizers (VITAL PLUS) and organic pesticides that they resell in the region and the sub-region. They help you to better choose the agricultural equipment and materials necessary for the maintenance as well as the treatments of your plantations. The C.U.E.C.D.A is also engaged in the environmental field and the public hygiene namely the disinfection, the disinsectisation as well as the deratization of your premises
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Company Offices

  • Cote d Ivoire
  • Abidjan