Center for Cancer Research (CCR)

The CCR is the largest division of the NCI intramural research program and comprises nearly 250 basic and clinical research groups located on two campuses outside of Washington DC. The CCR is home to an extraordinary group of scientists and clinicians exploring the cutting-edge of cancer and HIV/AIDS research.  Our scientists work on a wide spectrum of biological and biomedical problems ranging from visualizing and understanding the structure of individual genes and proteins, developing novel methods for drug discovery, to inventing biomedical devices and technology and creating innovative ways to treat patients in the NIH Clinical Center. Our scientists enjoy complete intellectual freedom and are expected to creatively and innovatively explore the most important questions in the field of cancer research and treatment.  We support projects over a long time horizon allowing our investigators to pursue some of the most difficult, high-risk problems in the field and we are always on the lookout for new challenges and the most pressing problems in modern cancer research. The success of the CCR is grounded in an exceptionally strong discovery research program which provides the foundation for the seamless translation of insights into basic cellular and molecular processes to clinical applications and patient care. Examples of our success are the development of ground-breaking immunotherapy approaches, HIV/AIDS test and the creation of human papilloma virus vaccine. The CCR is a unique place of science where we combine diverse expertise with the freedom to thoroughly pursue the most pressing questions in cancer biology and treatment. At the CCR, we do cancer research like nobody else!
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