Center for Economic Analyses

The Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) is a research center comprised of economists sharing a common vision of Republic of Macedonia as a new European emerging economy integrated with regional and global markets. CEA was founded in March, 2003. CEA’s mission is to continuously research economic development and public policy in the Republic of Macedonia and to offer recommendations, suggestions and measures to the governmental and non-governmental institutions. We believe that the capacity of CEA members for quantitative analyses and professional practice results in a professional institution that will strengthen public policy discussions and that can create an environment for growth and development of the Macedonian economy. CEA’s goals are the following: To provide quality policy analyses To support viable economic policy in Macedonia To help foster an environment that brings about higher investment, accelerated development and growth of the Macedonian economy, and EU accession To achieve financial sustainability To encourage regional cooperation and collaboration in the Balkans To strengthen civil society, social capital and trust CEA has already been contracted by the Government to provide support in key areas, including fiscal decentralization, economic analysis, and assistance in filling out the EU questionnaire. They contribute to the public private dialog by providing assistance in PPP feasibility studies, tender documentations and PPP contracts as well. In addition to working extensively in Macedonia, CEA has also worked on a regional and global level. Since its founding, CEA has achieved many successful projects in its existence. 
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Company Offices

  • Macedonia (FYROM) (headquarters)
  • Bul. Jane Sandanski 63/3