Centre 63 develops support services that enhance the personal, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of young people. Every young person is valued for their gifts and abilities and encouraged to take a place in society developing their full potential. They ensure that every child and young person is helped to fully develop their ambition within an environment of support and empathy. They also consolidate the centre's position as the first choice provider of Informal Education in Kirkby and Knowsley within a strong Christian Ethos and they continually scrutinise local and National Government programs for opportunities on behalf of the service users and staff. Although they are primarily an organisation for children and young people are conscious of the responsibility to all the people in the community. They are a community centre in every sense of the word and a by-stander in the reception would be astounded by the number of activities, initiatives, interests and recreations undertaken by people right across the age range. Key Objectives: To deliver a service that meets young people’s needs and wants across the whole area of  benefit. To achieve and maintain an income from funders to secure the provision of high quality informal and community education. To provide quality support that meets the needs and expectations of funders. To be a learning and improving organisation through effective governing and management. To monitor the effectiveness of the service clearly. To review the services they provide and develop new services as required. To continually develop an understanding of all the stakeholder groups they work with in order to be a valuable partner in the formation of local strategic planning

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