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Centre for Gender Studies, Bayero University Kano

As the world focuses and faces new challenges in the areas of family, religion, human rights, politics and democratic governance, the need for a center for Gender Studies can hardly be overemphasized. Women constitute a large chunk of the disadvantaged even though they make up more than half of the population in Nigeria (2006 Census). They are the least educated and politically underrepresented in Northern Nigeria notwithstanding the unrivaled position and respect Islam has accorded them. The Country Gender Report confirmed that "human development outcomes for girls and women are worse in the North, where poverty levels are sometimes twice as high as parts of the South:72% in the North-East compared with 26% in the South-East and a national average of 54%" (CGR, 2012). However, the Lack of research, publications and translations of works in Arabic by the Muslim scholars has resulted to some distortion and misrepresentation of the practical realities of gender issues in Muslims societies. This has also negated the principles that emanated from the United Nations Fourth World Conference in Beijing. This is what necessitates a need for reawakening on gender related issues. Rationale The center Proposes to build a knowledge base for the Improvement of the Situation of men, women and girls by analyzing their specific problems, needs and interests. By creating knowledge for bridging the private-public sphere, the center hopes to examine societal norms and expectations regarding the place of women and men as well as their functions in the society. The center shall explore strategies of empowering the disadvantaged people within their families which are the foundation for building communities, peace and consolidating the development of Nigeria. Multidisciplinary in Nature, the centers will work with other Centers, various department in the University in the teaching, research and training of students and members of the society on issues related to gender. Vision To be a center of excellence for study of gender that recognizes the significance of education and the promotion of gender sensitive policies and high quality research to enhance the sustainable development of the nation. Mission To establish and develop a highly effective and proficient center for multidisciplinary research, teaching, training, advocacy and policy on issues affecting women and men in compliance with the dominant ethics of the Bayero University environment and the sustainable development of Nigeria. Objectives To serve as a think Tank by creating avenues for interdisciplinary research and training in matters relating to gender. To encourage women to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to actively participate in the economic, social, political, religion and other aspects on nation affairs. To enhance the capacity of students for an in-depth gender gender analysis from various dimensions and disciplines To promote the development of a well articulated curricular in the area of Political Science, Law, Sociology, Medicine, Languages, Communication, Economics, Management and related courses having bearings on gender and gender related issues. To nurture and sustain an international journal on gender studies and research To provide an umbrella for policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation as well as engagement in the area of gender. To work with groups engaged in alternative dispute resolutions within communities To develop teaching materials that will enhance graduate research and Undergraduate teaching in the University. To convene an interdisciplinary network of scholars and advocates gender and related disciplines To create a partnership with governments, Non-governmental Organisations, (NGO's), faith-based organisations and development partners for promoting gender equity as well as measuring accountability.
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