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Chongqing Taishan Cable Co., Limited

Established in 1998, Chongqing Yuneng Taishan Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise for wire and cable in China, ranking top 50 industrial enterprise in Chongqing, top 100 Chongqing enterprises, Enterprises with High & New Technology, while among the key 66 increasing enterprises and the key 4 developing superior equipment manufacturing industries as power transmitting and transforming manufacturer by Chongqing Municipal Government. Our company has the world's leading level wire and cable manufacturing and testing equipment, such as XLPE insulated power cable production lines, including VCV (vertical continuous vulcanization) lines, one-step-process silane line, and CCV (catenary continuous vulcanization) line, copper rod break-down drawing line, rigid stranding line for high voltage cable, drum twister set for stranding & armoring, partial discharge test set for high voltage cable, diameter measuring unit imported from Germany, Switzerland, France, the USA and Italy. The company also has municipal grade research and development center, a professional team with excellent ability of developing, designing and manufacturing. The company was awarded the titles of "Chongqing Consumers' Approved Enterprise", "Chongqing Consumers' Creditable Company", "Chongqing Contract Obeying & Credit Keeping Company", "National Clients' Approved Company", and "National Advanced Re-Employing Company". The trademark of the company is "Taishan", with main products including ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced) with 1,000kV, power cables up to 500kV, magnetic (winding) conductors, specialized cables, wires and cables for electric equipment. We mainly have 5 classifications, 400 types, and nearly 10,000 specifications. Our expanded ACSR 750kV and highly intensified ACSR 720/50 reach the world leading level, XLPE insulated cables and aerial insulated cables with 35kV, 16-800sqm ACSR, and PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable also have won us the titles of "Chongqing Consumers' Approved Products" and "Chongqing Famous Brand Products", while XLPE insulated power cables and aerial insulated power cables up to 10kV are awarded "Chongqing Science & Technology Achievements", PVC insulated wires appraised as "Consumers' Creditable Products". The products are widely used in the projects of national power grid system construction and reconstruction, West to East power transmission, power supply projects, the Three Gorges power transmission, Beijing Olympic Games and other national key projects. Close to 210 Expressway, we are enjoying convenient transportation access and beautiful environment. It is only 3 kilometers from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Chongqing Container Deep Water Port and Chongqing New Train Station. Basing upon the southwest China, we are keeping in view to all over the country, scanning the world, pursuing to get to the high stage "exerting what is humanly possible to be; mastering what is work professionally possible to go", constantly improving administration to offer sincerely safe, effective and excellent power transmission and distribution wires and cables, as well as over-valued services to customers through up-to-date equipment and consummate techniques.
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