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Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd. Co.

Classic Fashion in a nutshell Classic Fashion, based in Jordan, is a truly global enterprise with worldwide sourcing of inputs and global marketing of products. It is the largest apparel manufacturer in the MENA region, with a turnover of $ 610 million. It produces 450, 000 to 500, 000 garments per day, with an average run of 200 styles per month, and contributes over 30% of all the garment exports of Jordan. A well-satisfied workforce of 30,000 from various countries operates 16,000 machines, in 12 factories and 7 satellite units. The Company produces about 100 million garments annually according to the figures for 2019. Using Industry 4.0 factories and machines, the estimated output for 2020 is 120 million. Vision To be a globally recognized and totally trusted source of flawlessly created premium garments. Mission The Mission of the Company is realisation of the vision through dedicated teamwork at all levels, giving priority to environmental protection, sustainability in every action, concern for welfare of the work force, conformity with all national and international regulations, consistency in maintenance of the highest quality standards, transparency and reliability in all interactions and punctuality and trustworthiness in all commitments.
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Company Offices

  • Jordan
  • Irbid
  • Al Hassan Industrial Estate, P.O Box 54, Ramtha