• Organization TypeService Providers
  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded2016

Clean Water Osaka Co., Ltd

Clearwater OSAKA Corporation has launched the fullscale operation with the following two corporate philosophies: “They support the daily lives of the citizens of Osaka by providing a rich and comfortable environment while keeping the city safe and secured.” and “They contribute to the wellbeing of the people and societies both inside and outside the country by firmly taking over,  expanding, and offering the well-established comprehensive sewerage system including substantial management resources long accumulated by Osaka City.“ Sewerage management is now faced with many challenges, such as decline in sewerage fee revenue due to the decrease in water consumption, increase in maintenance and renewal costs owing to aging facilities, and degradation of capacity for operation and management resulting from shortage of experts. They can say that the yellow warning light for the sustainability of sewerage system is beginning to flash. To deal with these challenges, many local governments are looking to private resources such as funds and know-how of private sectors. The national government has also been developing various institutional frameworks such as comprehensive work consignment to private sector and PFI. Clearwater OSAKA Corporation was established based on the human and technical resources built up by Osaka City Government to embody the said efforts. They are strongly determined,as a forerunner, to be a company capable of operating and maintaining the sewerage system as a whole, and contribute to realizing a stable and sustainable sewerage system. To achieve the aim, they work hard to build trust and satisfaction of the citizens by fulfilling their duties imposed by the contract with Osaka City Government in sincere, solid, and efficient manner. Based on the actual performance results and earned trust, they will actively participate in sewerage management business inside and outside the country. They will take any challenges, whatever it takes to be a company that is trusted by clients and users which leads the field of sewerage management with active contributions not only to the City of Osaka but also to the world.
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Company Offices

  • Japan (headquarters)
  • Osaka
  • Chuo-ku, Osaka 2-chome 2-2-5-2 2-233 (Senba Center Building Building No. 5 2nd floor)