• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersSouth Africa
  • Founded2003

Clearedge Projects

Clearedge Projects effectively treat and secure water that is otherwise polluted or lost to the environment. Sanitation and water treatment is a vital component in any community without which water-borne pathogens can spread resulting in disease and sickness. They offer systems to purify both effluent and potable water to acceptable standards for those areas without these services. Using patented technology, their sewage treatment plants remove harmful organics from the waste neutralizing ammonia and reducing BOD levels to acceptable environmental standards. Clean, sterile drinking water can be achieved from boreholes, rivers and dams using their compact water filtration systems. WATER QUALITY Clearedge Projects is passionate about water treatment and the sustainability thereof. Their core focus is to treat and re-use water. Effective treatment of waste water preserves the environment and in some cases enables re-use and water saving. Remote sites and new developments increasingly require efficient and reliable treatment systems. Over the years Clearedge Projects has successfully installed sewage treatment, washbay, greywater recycling systems in urban and remote locations. WATER SECURITY Water security and sustainability are more and more in the headlines as globally they are challenged by changing climates, weather patterns and natural disasters. Clearedge Projects has invested in patented technology and systems. With their experience they have developed systems that avoid specialised parts, are rugged and effective. Spares are readily available and are easily operated and serviced by qualified tradesmen.
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Staff at Clearedge Projects have experience in


  • waste management
  • development aid
  • wastewater
  • engineering
  • private sector development

Company Offices

  • South Africa (headquarters)
  • Durban
  • 51 Kelvin PlaceDurban North KwaZulu-Natal South Africa