Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) (Papua New Guinea)

History The Climate Change and development Authority (CCDA) was in operation for seven years and undergone just one re-structure while in the process of working towards becoming an Authority. Since its establishment in August 2010, its staff strength increased from 20 to 53 and now at 80. The CCDA was established in August 2010 and replaced the former Office of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (OCCES) which was abolished by the Cabinet (NEC) in 2009 due to irregularities. CCDA was officially an Authority in January, 2016 replacing the Office Of Climate Change and Development (OCCD). Organization Profile Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) is a new government entity that is now undergoing transition from the former Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD). CCDA coordinates the Climate Change efforts of the Government of Papua New Guinea, a continuation of basically where the former OCCD left off. It is the coordinating entity for all climate change related policies and actions in the country. Additionally, it is the designated National Authority under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The office is currently undergoing a transitional phase which requires a major re-structure, in a coordinated and structured manner,complying with its own Climate Change Management Act (CCMA) 2015. The CCMA 2015 clearly defines this in Sections 8-11 of the Act on the organisation’s establishment, purpose, functions and powers. CCDA is basically tasked with ensuring that Papua New Guinea follows a path of climate-compatible growth; that the country’s economy develops while simultaneously mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing vulnerability to climate change related risks. Vision “A robust and sustainable economy for Papua New Guinea through a Low Carbon Pathway and Green Economic Growth.”   Mission To build a climate resilient and carbon neutral pathway for climate compatible development in Papua New Guinea. Management and Governance CCDA is headed by a Managing Director, four General Managers for the Divisions – Corporate Services, Adaptation and Projects, REDD+ and Mitigation, and MRV and National Communication and Branch Managers. CCDA's current Managing Director is Mr. Ruel Yamuna, the Head of the Organisation. His position was just confirmed in May, 2017. A new Board will also be announced soon.
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