Closing the Investment Gap (CIG) Initiative

Closing the Investment Gap (CIG) Initiative Catalyzing sustainable infrastructure financing worldwide Supported by the Government of Denmark and the Government of Canada The Challenge Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement commitments will require significant investment in sustainable infrastructure. In order to limit global warming below 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, global energy systems and other infrastructure must transition to low carbon alternatives over the next eleven years (according to the most recent International Panel on Climate Change report). This dramatic shift will require the implementation of ambitious climate policies and significant scaling of investment in sustainable infrastructure. Yet, there is a critical roadblock to financing the level of climate action necessary: developing countries with sound project proposals and global investors cannot find each other. Their Mission The mission of The Closing the Investment Gap Initiative (CIG) is to develop a country-led, facilitated approach to close this investment gap. This approach involves the governments of developing countries working with investors and financial sector representatives to prepare key projects so that they are well aligned with the criteria of private capital. In addition to the goal of attracting private investment for project development and construction, CIG aims to help countries structure projects that can fit into portfolios of institutional investors. This approach minimizes demand for increasingly scarce public capital, using it sparingly to de-risk projects and to mobilize private sector investment to the greatest degree possible. Their Process Project Selection Developing country teams select projects that are high priorities on their national development agendas, advance their NCDs under the Paris Agreement, and contribute to the SDGs. Workshops & Consultation Through ongoing consultation and in periodic workshops, CIG works with country teams and additional partners (MDBs and other DFIs) to develop proposals that meet the criteria of private sector investors. Collaboration CIG countries and partners refine project design, identify optimal approaches to financing and initiate discussions leading to the award of transaction mandates. 
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