• Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersArgentina
  • Founded1995


CODAM was born in the city of Neuquén in 1995 as a small family business by the engineer Alfredo Maffei, together with a brilliant team of professionals with extensive experience in the industry, motivated by the development of the region and the new project that They were brewing. In this first stage, Engineer Cantoni, Engineer Garino, Engineer Bellora and Leonor Maure administration joined. In these first years the company carried out small and medium-sized works that were promoting its subsequent growth as: the development of the 132 Island of Neuquén Capital (part of the so-called Paseo de la Costa); use of Lake Mari Menuco to supply water to Neuquén Capital; irrigation system in the Paso Aguerre area; water supply to Basin XV of the West Sector of Neuquén Capital; canal project for irrigation and potable water supply to Neuquén Capital from Lake Mari Menuco. In 2002, works were carried out such as the Pedestrian and Vehicular Walk of the Neuquén Central Park, Mariano Moreno neighborhood pavement of Neuquén Capital, Chos Malal Sewage Treatment Plant, the Bus Terminal of the City of Neuquén , the Hospital Complexity IV of Plottier, and the Expansion of the Treatment Plant for Sewage Effluents of the City of Neuquén, which increased the processing capacity of 90,000 inhabitants to 210,000 inhabitants. In March 2003, CODAM began work on the PROMEBA Neighborhood Improvement Program (with financing from the World Bank), having completed the works of Barrio Tiro Federal and Don Bosco, in the city of Trelew, Chubut; New Neighborhood of General Roca, Río Negro: and that of Barrio Abel Amaya, in the city of Trelew, Chubut. In 2004, in joint venture with the company Riva SA, CODAM executed the work Expansion and Remodeling of the Tronador Treatment Plant in the City of Neuquén, for the Provincial Water and Sanitation Provincial Entity, giving it the capacity to treat sewage effluents from 60,000 to 180,000 inhabitants. During the year 2005, in joint venture with the companies ENSA and Riva SA, CODAM executed the New Aqueduct DN 600 to supply water to the towns of Cutral Có and Plaza Huincul, executed in seven months and with an extension of 16 km of iron pipe. ductile cast In 2007 also in joint ventures with ENSA and Riva SA, CODAM executed the construction of the aqueduct for irrigation Micro region Cutrál Có - Plaza Hincul - Challacó, which includes the installation of 45 km of PRFV pipes with diameters from 1200 mm to 600 mm , three pumping stations, a 200 m pier within the Los Barreales lake and complete electromechanical equipment, including 42 km of 132 KVA overhead line and two transformer stations. Also in 2007 and in a joint venture with ENSA, CODAM started the works Acueducto, Potabilizadora Plant in the city of Villa Regina, Río Negro, contracted by the National Entity of Water Works of Sanitation (ENOHSA) and the Expansion of the Pumping System. Perlas, Valentina Sur de Neuquén Capital, being the Component the Provincial Water and Sanitation Agency of Neuquén. During 2009, three housing districts were executed within the framework of the Federal Housing Multi-Year Program, which together comprised the execution of 380 two-bedroom PB units, with their networks and infrastructure and complementary works. In 2010 CODAM executed the Termination of 190 Housing in Valentina Sur, Neuquén Capital; Potable Water and Sewer network for 180 homes in Valentina Sur, Neuquén Capital; Water and Sewer Nexos for 370 Homes in Valentina Sur, Neuquén Capital; and Nexo and Red de Gas Natural for 370 homes in Valentina Sur, Neuquén Capital. He then executed Barrio 157 Viviendas de Cooperativa Mercantil y Infraestructura in the city of Neuquén. In UTE with ENSA and with financing and inspection of the National Entity of Water Sanitation Works (ENOHSA), the construction work of the Sanitation System of Lacar Lake San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, which includes the expansion of the existing sewage treatment plant in the center of the town, construction of a new treatment plant in Chacra 4 and execution of 6000 ml of sewer collectors. Also in 2011, CODAM started for the company ICSA the first private enterprise called "Santa Fé" Building located in the center of the city of Neuquén, which has 12 floors, garages, terrace and multipurpose room.
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