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College for All Texans Foundation

Admissions Info Enrollment policies and guidelines are a good place to start gathering information that will help you plan for college. The links on the right and below will help guide you through the facts. Once you've gained some basic knowledge on admissions, you can move on to other important information that will help you create a detailed plan for college. Automatic Admissions Students who graduate with a grade point average in the top of their high school graduating class may be eligible for certain privileges when applying to college. You may automatically qualify for admission to college and not even know it! Find out about the Top 10% Rule or how to get to college if you are in the top 25% of your graduating class. Academic Fresh Start Concerned that your old grades aren't enough to get to college? They don't have to count against you. If you're a Texas resident and apply for college admission (or readmission) and enroll, you may be able to begin a new course of study with a clear academic record. Residency Information As a student at a Texas college or university, you'll be classified as either a Texas resident or non-resident. Find forms and review residency information.
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