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As of 2005 (and with legal status in 2007), the team called SINÉ has been working in the Tarahumara region. In the beginning, the team was formed by two Rarámuri, two mestizos and a Jesuit priest (Javier Ávila), basically accompanying indigenous communities and processes, supporting and giving feedback to the shared faith PROJECT project , as well as offering educational and communication services. Starting in 2012, an alliance with Jesuit universities, ITESO and IBERO Mexico was consolidated , redimensioning the project for what this new company is called COMUNARR , Construction of alternative worlds Ronco Robles. Values Share and learn from the daily life of groups and communities. Respect for diversity and interculturality. Constructive communication Relations based on affinity and horizontality. Continuous challenge to the dominant mentalities and practices. Communities and collectives that make it easier to know that we generate knowledge, and that together we learn. Decolonize and deconstruct to reconstruct meanings of value for the community. Build from the margins. Eliminate dogmatism and put practices ahead. We do not teach, we all learn. The answers are constructed in practice; they are in the processes.
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