• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Founded1987
Since the foundation of CONA in 1987, attention has been paid to the use of solar energy and biomass. Both the hot water and the heating of the operating building are operated at 100%. The solar drying technology is a special development of CONA, which is now used in several countries in the drying of over a hundred products such as wood, coffee, fruits, medicinal herbs, biomass, etc. CONA has received several awards, including the EURO SOLAR, the SOLIDARITY and the EDUARD PLOIER PRIZE. Despite its geographical and climatic situation, Austria is one of the most active users of solar energy. Especially the thermal use is very widespread and Austria is in first place in Europe. In Austria, CONA uses drying technology predominantly in the field of biomass drying, hay, and grain drying.