Confederazione Italiana Della Piccola e Media Industria (CONFAPI)


  • Organization TypeAssociation
  • Staff10,000+
  • HeadquartersItaly
In the last seventy years, Confapi has grown together with small and medium-sized Italian companies that represent and protect and which are the backbone of our country's production system.  Today, the Confederation represents the synthesis of an extensive system: 83,000 companies with more than 800,000 employees who apply the 13 national labor contracts signed by Confapi (INPS data); 50 territorial and district offices; 13 National Unions and 3 National Professional Associations plus 2 Interest Groups. It protects and promotes at all levels the real interests of small and medium Italian industry Enhance SME development through dialogue with the Government and the Social Partners. It implements initiatives and programs to promote the economic and civil development of the country in connection with national and European organizations and institutions. Stipulates interconfederal agreements with the national trade unions of CGIL-CISL-UIL. Stipulates National Collective Labor Contracts for small and medium-sized industrial and manufacturing companies, transport and services. The Confederation's center and development engine is the capillary territorial branching with Organizations that carry out their activity in structural, financial and administrative autonomy and that, thanks to a deep knowledge of the economic peculiarities of their territory, support the associated companies in everyday life, providing them with assistance and specific services.  In recent times, it has promoted radical change to promote transparency and effectiveness, strengthening the fields of studies and research, expanding the communication channels with its target audiences, adapting activities and services to new economic and financial scenarios.

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