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Congress Service Center (CSC) is a translation and interpretation company and a recognized professional conference organizer (PCO) in Macedonia and Serbia. On the one hand, we offer services for all the European languages with Central and Eastern European support considered their specialty and on the other, their core business is the management of meetings (conference, workshops. congresses, fora, symposiums) whereby they They act as a consultant, putting all their staff and infrastructure at the disposal of clients. With more than a decade of experience in professional translation, interpreting and conference organization services, the CSC has come to be associated with service excellence, high quality translations and outstanding value. In the past 11 years the CSC has organized a total of over 400 conferences with full logistics, while having provided interpreting and equipment at as many as 700 events.

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Company Offices
  • Macedonia (FYROM) (headquarters)
  • Skopje
  • Maksim Gorki 14/4