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Consultores Hodi

“Hodi” is what people say in East-Africa to ask permission to enter someone’s house. “Hodi” is what they say to ask permission to enter your organization to help you be more effective, more efficient, more profitable, more innovative. From their four divisions they supply professional services to: Private Sector Services, Government Service, Social Impact and Field Support Services. They're here for you if you need assistance with an evaluation, a strategic plan, reforms in your HR policy or procurement processes. If you are establishing yourself in Mozambique and need office space, transportation services or staff. They also carry out projects that are creating real impact and value for people in Mozambique, go to their Social Impact section to read more on this. Social Impact Investment Working in a country like Mozambique means that their mission needs to be more than just making profit. HODI has a responsibility to all its stakeholders: suppliers, employees and its wider surroundings. Social impact investment is not just a marketing slogan for us, but is a real business case: by working in education they hope to benefit from better trained staff, by working in the health sector, good care and medication will be available for all.  ​Services:  Supply chain management   Evaluations and base line studies Community engagement in projects Private Sector Professional services to Extractive Industry Project Management Supply Chain Management Procurement Services Operations Management Event Management, communications Outsourcing They offer professional services for long term and short term projects, to pacify a crisis as interim manager or to manage a project from A to Z.  They offer the professional management services you need ​Government Services Comprometimento com a excelência HODI has worked with various ministries for many years: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice. Their services included assistance to procurement processes, development of project operations manuals for World Bank financed projects. They are specializing in Results Based Financing projects and offer a wide range of services to the Mozambican Government.
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