Cooperazione Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Paesi Emergenti (COSPE)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff501-1000
  • Development Budget5 Million - 25 Million
  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded1983
Co-operation for the Development of Emerging Countries is a non-profit association (Onlus) operating in the field of international co-operation and solidarity, recognised as a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. COSPE was founded in Florence in 1983 with the objective of helping to overcome conditions of poverty and social injustice throughout the world. Following initial acts of co-operation in several African and Latin American countries, COSPE is currently committed to the implementation of more than 100 projects in around 30 countries worldwide. Ever since its early days it has been promoting programmes aimed at spreading a spirit of antiracism and interculturalism, whilst playing an active role in international solidarity networks and campaigns. AIMS COSPE is an association promoting intercultural dialogue, fair, sustainable development and human rights • its activities are based on International Development Co-operation as a means of achieving peace and justice between peoples. • its vision is one of fair, sustainable development promoting the freedom of peoples and the individual, as well as the quality of life of both current and future generations. • regardless of sex, religion or culture, it believes that all persons should have equal basic rights, equal opportunities and fair access to economic resources in order to improve living conditions. • it supports projects aimed at promoting real social change and favouring the active participation of the peoples involved.   PROGRAMS COSPE plans and implements the following programmes: • protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms • promotion of women's rights and equal opportunities • support for refugee populations and victims of war • antiracism training and support of equal-opportunity policies for citizens from ethnic minorities in Italy • right to education and intercultural awareness • development of small businesses and income-generating activities • rural development and agricultural support • environmental protection and support for eco-sustainable development • development education activities and campaigns to arouse public opinion on matters of global interest   WHERE THEY WORK   Africa - Angola, Cape Verde, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Somalia, Swaziland Latin America - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay Asia - Afghanistan, China, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan Mediterranean - Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia South East Europe - Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Balkan region   COSPE operates in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe in projects that promote economic, environmental and social development. It supports the promotion of farming, craft and service industries through training, technical support and the creation of credit funds, with special regard for women's associations and networks in view of their fundamental importance to local development. It is involved in food security, rural development, afforestation, irrigation and environmental protection projects. COSPE works in Italy and Europe on educational programmes dealing with antiracism, development, interculturalism and the defence of basic rights. It organises intercultural activities in schools: refresher courses for teachers, study programmes for students and bilingual workshops for foreign pupils. It promotes activities to ensure that citizens from ethnic minorities enjoy equal opportunities in education and employment and access to services and information. It is also involved in protecting the interests of refugees and those seeking political asylum. It runs training courses on antiracism designed for workers in various public and private sectors.  

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Company Offices
  • Italy (headquarters)
  • Firenze
  • via Slataper 10
  • Italy
  • Genova
  • Via Lomellini, 15/8
  • Italy
  • Bologna
  • Via Lombardia, 36


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Local Government
Agricultural Technology
Climate Change
Monitoring / Evaluation
Water Policy
Agricultural Financing
Procurement Process
Public Administration
Anti-Poverty / Social Justice
Research & Development

Contract Awards

Provision of Resilience and Food Security

Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione Allo Sviluppo (AICS)

Technical Assistance to Support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Development in the Republic of Moldova

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)

‘Technical assistance to support CSO development in the Republic of Moldova’

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)

Technical Assistance for the Programme to Create Jobs and Vocational Training for Young People in Guatemala

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)