• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersRomania
  • Founded1998

Corporate Office Solutions (COS)

Corporate Office Solutions (COS) is the leader in consulting and design of workspaces , partitions , carpeting , electrical and mechanical works, project management and furniture for spaces of offices . Since its establishment, COS has developed constantly range of services in Romania becoming the first specialist in integrated solutions for planning turnkey office. COS remains the only authorized dealer Steelcase, the global leader in office furniture industry. COS is also Interface, global leader in modular carpeting. COS is part of the Office Solutions Group, an office interior consultant since 1995 and one of the largest in Eastern Europe, with offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg. Petersburg, Kiev, Astana, Almaty, Minsk, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. In its 20 years of activity, COS has delivered professional services and products to more than 1,700 companies that wanted to create or transform their workspaces. The company's mission is to turn ordinary office spaces into efficient working environments. The solutions provided by COS contribute significantly to improving the way people work, interact and co-operate. COS means creating a pleasant and creative work environment in which each person involved builds their skills and competencies. COS VALUES: Reliable  The company's objective is to be recognized as a trustworthy provider in obtaining optimal office space solutions as well as a reliable partner in consulting services. Specialized Employees The COS team is made up of people with complementary abilities, showing attention, openness and involvement, thus meeting the highest standards of quality and morality. Competent design Permanent information and anticipation of trends and rigidities in design allow the company to offer innovative solutions to customers. High Standards The company is constantly involved in personal and professional development activities, an aspect that helps to observe the finest details, the generation of creative ideas, all in order to strengthen the company's market leadership status. Concern for people COS pays special attention to consulting services , precisely to provide personalized solutions that meet the real needs of people.
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Company Offices

  • Romania (headquarters)
  • Bucharest
  • Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti number 73-81, Victoria Business Park, Building 2, 1st Floor