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Cummins Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel and alternative fuel engines from 2.8 to 95 liters, diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 3,500 kW, as well as related components and technology. Cummins Inc. is organized into four distinct but complementary business segments: Engine Segment The Engine Segment designs and manufactures state-of-the-art diesel and natural gas powered engines for on-highway and off-highway use. The business also offers new parts and remanufactured parts and engines. Power Systems Segment The Power Systems Segment is a global provider of high-speed high-horsepower engines and power generation equipment, including standby and prime power generator sets, alternators, switchgear and other components. Power Systems offers engines, power generation systems, components and services, and alternative-fuel electrical generators for use in residential standbycommercial industrialminingmarineoil and gasdefensedata centerstelecom and healthcare applications and industries, to name a few. Components Segment The Components Segment consists of four businesses with key technologies for delivering integrated solutions: Cummins Filtration, Cummins Turbo Technologies, Cummins Emission Solutions and Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems. Cummins Filtration Cummins Filtration designs, manufactures and distributes heavy-duty air, fuel, hydraulic and lube filtration, chemicals and exhaust system technology products for diesel and gas-powered equipment. For more information, visit the Cummins Filtration website. Cummins Turbo Technologies Cummins Turbo Technologies designs and manufactures turbochargers and related products, on a global scale, for diesel engines above three liters. For more information, visit the Cummins Turbo Technologies website. Cummins Emission Solutions Cummins Emission Solutions develops and produces various emission solutions designed to meet the highest emissions standards worldwide. For more information, visit the Cummins Emission Solutions website. Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems consists of two separate product lines. The electronics product line develops engine control modules and electronics control units, software, sensors and tools.  The fuel system product line designs, develops, manufactures and remanufactures both unit injector and common rail systems. For more information, visit the Cummins Fuel Systems page. Distribution Segment The Distribution Segment drives a comprehensive global distribution strategy and channel management. This business provides sales, service and support to their customers around the world through the largest number of certified service and support locations of any engine manufacturer. Cummins has the technical expertise and experience to deliver fast, high-quality repairs, planned maintenance and upgrade solutions. Their local distributor locations offer a complete range of Cummins products and Cummins genuine parts – supporting parts availability and the custom engineering requirements necessary to keep customers operating 24/7. No matter where a customer’s equipment operates, they will have access to one of the most capable support networks in the industry – consisting of more than 6,000 dealer and distributor locations in over 190 countries. Their Vision Making people's lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins. That simple, yet ambitious, statement serves as the guiding vision for Cummins and its 54,000 employees. The Company takes pride in manufacturing technologies that serve the varied needs of its customers worldwide. To do that, Cummins unleashes the power of its employees: Their energy and commitment make it possible for the Company to maintain a leadership position in the markets it serves. Cummins also recognizes that with its role as a corporate leader comes a responsibility to help improve the communities in which employees work and live. It is a responsibility the Company brings to life through its actions and the activities of its employees. Their Mission They unleash the Power of Cummins by:  Motivating people to act like owners working together. Exceeding customer expectations by always being first to market with the best products. Partnering with their customers to make sure that they succeed. Demanding that everything they do leads to a cleaner, healthier, safer environment. Creating wealth for all stakeholders. Their Values Integrity. Strive to do what is right and do what they say they will do. Innovation. Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster, first. Delivering Superior Results. Exceed expectations, consistently. Corporate Responsibility. Serve and improve the communities in which they live. Diversity.  Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor with both dignity and respect. Global Involvement. Seek a world view and act without boundaries. Their Strategic Principles Leverage Complementary Businesses. Cummins is a family of complementary businesses that create value for their customers by leveraging relationships and applying innovative technology across business boundaries. Increase Shareholder Value. Cummins’ financial success is measured by growth in shareholder value. They will focus on ROE / ROANA and Earnings Growth (not Revenue Growth) as the principal drivers of shareholder value. Seek Profitable Growth. Cummins will seek profitable growth by leveraging their assets and capabilities to grow in market segments with favorable industry dynamics and where Cummins can establish an advantage. Relentlessly Pursue Cost Leadership. Cummins will pursue an operational strategy of cost leadership. Lead in Critical Technologies. Cummins will be the market leader in technologies most critical to their customers’ success and their Company’s performance. Create the Right Work Environment. Cummins will assure that the physical and cultural work environment is conducive to excellent performance and continuous improvement.
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